Prescription for Growth

Fashion a plan to outsell your
competitors (or your money back)

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Executives who implement the ideas in The Machine grow their businesses significantly faster than those who don’t

11x the selling conversations

Put simply, their salespeople do more selling. To be specific, these executives’ salespeople do, on average, 11 times the volume of sales appointments that their competitors salespeople do.

That’s not to say that these executives’ businesses grow 11 times faster. They don’t. But they do frequently grow at 3 to 4 times the rate of their competitors. Sometimes even faster. And more often than not, they do it without an increase in payroll costs (often a reduction).

Conceptually the changes that these executives make to their businesses in order to manifest this kind of grow are simple. Practically, these ideas are difficult to execute on. Because they are counter-intuitive (to say the least) they are difficult to sell to leadership teams. And, because they require structural organization-wide changes they require skill and experience to implement without damaging business-as-usual.

Fashion a simple plan for 3 to 4 times the sales growth

Join the author of The Machine, Justin Roff-Marsh, at this intimate one-day workshop, to fashion your very own plan for prescriptive growth.

Justin will take you, step-by-step through the critical ideas presented in The Machine. More importantly, he will show you how to fashion these ideas into a simple (but detailed) plan to outsell your competitors and expedite your organization’s growth.

And, if he doesn't, he'll happily refund your investment for the day.

Only 15 executives. Not to be repeated in your area any time soon.

The Prescription for Growth workshop is limited to 15 executives from similar-sized companies. This is deliberate as the day is long, information-heavy and hands-on. The small number of delegates means Justin can spend more time helping each attending organization to craft a detailed and customized plan for growth.

Met every expectation. Time well worth spending. An overall good investment.

Mark Current
Southwest Solutions Group


This workshop came at a good time in the lifecyle of our organization. It gave us some great new ideas and considerations.

Clinton Cowin
Tradie Pad


The workshop was extremely informative and interactive. Justin is very engaging as well as entertaining when presenting.

Kathy Pendleton
WiseTech Global


One of the BEST workshops I've ever attended, primarily because it was based on application experience, not theory.

Brian Highlander
Viking Electric


Excellent overview of the system. Lots of practical examples.

Troy Vellinga
Dunes Point Capital


Great workshop. A LOT of info to take in on one day. Now applying it to our small, family-owned company.

Brian Allison
Rockford Ball Screw


A thought-provoking day that made me think about we can maximize The Machine theory and practices into our business. Justin showed us we still have a lot of work to do!

Frank Fowler
Mailender Inc


Excellent command of the subject matter. Good interaction with workshop attendees. Keep me updated on upcoming PFG workshops.

Bill Rosenberg
Dune Point Capital

Interesting. Thought-provoking. Great workshop!

Tanner Hohenbrink
Lamar Advertising


Very interesting workshop. My attention was held all day!

John O'Connor
Fieldtech Solutions